Organic pu erh tea and fannings 购买在 湘潭
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Organic pu erh tea and fannings 购买在 湘潭
购买 Organic pu erh tea and fannings
Organic pu erh tea and fannings

Organic pu erh tea and fannings

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中国, 湘潭
  •  茶叶种类普洱茶
  • 生产国中国

Pu Er Special Tea, known as Pu’Er Tea by people outside China, has the features below:

Pu Er tea is moderate in taste, not as strong as black tea. It can cut grease, help digestion, warm stomach, help produce saliva and slake thirst, dispel the effects of alcohol and refresh one’s mind. Pu’er tea has functions of lowering the triglyceride, cholesterol, hyperuricemia in the body.

Pu-er tea is processed through special fermentation by using the semi-made green tea of Yunnan large leaf tea. It is black or brown in colour. The aged Pu-er tea is mellow and gives a sweet taste in mouth after drinking. It is an ideal health drink for both young and old people.

Pu Er tea can be kept for a very long time, the longer you keep it the better it tastes and the higher its quality becomes. But it can not be stored air-tight or put in the moisture or close to goods with peculiar smell. It will taste best if brewing with spring water and in a Zisha (purple clay) teapot. 

After entering the international market with its unique style, Pu’er tea is welcomed by customers from different countries. Puer tea has always enjoyed the good reputation of Weight-loss tea, Beauty tea, Slimming tea and Health tea.


Feature of Organic Pu Er Tea, Pu’Er Fanning Tea,Good Fanning Pu-Er Tea:

Appearance : The whole leaf sheet is straight.

Raw material: Fresh tea leaves

Taste: Earth, sweet after taste

Fragrance: Earth, fragrance

Contents: The protein, fat, saccharide, microelement, tannin, Catechin, theine

and mutiplex vitamin.


Organic pu erh tea and fannings
Organic pu erh tea and fannings
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